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  Antonio Rangel is the Bing Professor of Neuroscience, Behavioral Biology and Economics at the California Institute of Technology and leads the Neuroeconomics Laboratory. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University and was an Assistant Professor of Economics at Stanford from 1998 to 2006.
  Zeynep Enkavi is a Postdoctoral Scholar in Neuroeconomics. She recently earned her PhD in psychology from Stanford University where she worked with Russ Poldrack. She studies behavioral and neural correlates of decisions that involve tradeoffs between short- and long-term goals. Previously she investigated the psychometric suitability of various self-control measures for individual and group difference analyses in large-scale datasets. At the Rangel lab she hopes to learn more on the implications of changes in intrinsic neural connectivity on value-based decision-making.
  Brenden Eum is a Graduate Student in Social and Decision Neuroscience. His research focuses on the causal role of attention in economic decision making. In particular, he is interested in how attentional mechanisms may alter consumer preferences and nudge decision makers toward optimal behavior. Previously, he earned an MA in Economics from Columbia University and worked as the joint micro- and macroeconomics research assistant at the Columbia Business School.
  Pantelis Vafidis is a Graduate Student in Computation & Neural Systems. He holds a Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MSc in Computational Neuroscience from TU and HU Berlin. Broadly, he is interested in how biological or artificial neural networks acquire complex emergent properties through learning. His research currently focuses on (1) biologically plausible models of predictive learning, (2) generalizable representation learning in recurrent neural networks and (3) dimensionality reduction techniques for neural data, with applications to decision-making.
  Wenning Deng is a Graduate Student in Social and Decision Neuroscience. She holds a BS in Applied Math and a BA in Psychology from Brown University. Broadly, she is interested in social learning and theory of mind. She combines computational modeling, online behavioral studies, and functional imaging in her research.
  Thomas Henning is a Graduate Student in Social and Decision Neuroscience. He holds a BS in Finance from Arizona State University, and previously was a trader at Goldman Sachs. At the Rangel lab, he is interested in neuroforecasting, which involves using neural signals to forecast aggregate choice and future individual behavior. He also conducts research in behavioral game theory, neurofinance and network neuroscience.
  Elizabeth Schroder is the Lab Manager.


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