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The Rangel Lab is committed to sharing knowledge and resources, with the hope that the tools and techniques we develop can be of use in furthering scientific inquiry and understanding at all levels. Below are links to various resources that have been used in the lab. We hope they are helpful!

Stimulus Sets

Meta-analysis results

  • As part of its research, the lab has developed a mask that includes regions identified by two separate meta-analyses as consistently correlating with value across different reward types and paradigms. This mask is available for download to other researchers. Please see the accompanying text file for additional details and citation information.

  • In addition, we also provide masks for regions-of-interest from our meta-analysis (please cite Clithero & Rangel, 2014):
    • 9-mm spheres centered on peak coordinates of interest (see Fig. 2)
      • Ventral MPFC sphere »
      • Central MPFC sphere »
      • Anterior MPFC sphere »
      • Dorsal PCC sphere »
      • Ventral PCC sphere »
      • Ventral Striatum sphere »
    • Thresholded mask based on IBMA (see Fig. 4) »
    • Outcome value mask based on CBMA (see Fig. 5) »

Other region-of-interest masks